July 2022

The Photographer/Model Relationshiop: The Cold Hard Truth to Success

with Adam Schwartz

For 16 and a half years I was a TACP, which falls under the Air Force Special Warfare Community. And my favorite saying that I always kept at the forefront of my mind was, “The difference between an amateur and a professional is an amateur practices until they get it right! But a professional practices until they no longer get it wrong.” When I set out to write this article, my objective was to identify communication gaps, hopefully assist in managing expectations, and potentially offer a little insight from both groups as a way to improve the overall working relationship between the photographer and model to create a more professional industry. So I created two sets of questionnaires, one for models and one for photographers. This was to collect data and ensure that I wasn’t allowing my personal experiences to create a bias for this article. Let me pose two questions to you regarding the relationship between the photographer and the model. Question 1: Can you be a model or published model without a photographer? Question 2: Can you be a photographer or a published photographer without a model?

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