July 2022

10 Steps To Attract and Book Your Perfect Client

with Amber Henry

1. SEEKING MR. & MRS. RIGHT Think of your ideal client like going on a dating app and writing out your perfect partner’s characteristics. What are you looking for in a working relationship? Are they educated? Do they have a certain job or level of professional experience? What hobbies do they have and where do they spend their disposable income? Kids? Pets? Of course, you don’t want to bring in clients who cannot afford your service either. No. I have found the sweet spot is in the middle: clients who have to save to afford you, but highly value what you offer. So, where are these perfect people hiding and how do you keep them coming in your door? When you daydream of your perfect client, who do you envision? Most people will jump to say “someone who has a lot of money to spend on my photography!” But after 18 years in the business, I can tell you one thing with all certainty: The client with the “most money” is not always ideal. Often those clients come with headaches of their own. You know, the ones who insist on micro-managing not only you, but every email exchange, every product purchased, and barter over every penny spent.

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