July 2022

How To Create Competition-Winning Images For Photographers

with Andre Brown

At the start of our photography careers, making money and doing what we love is usually the primary focus. No one is thinking, “I want to become a photographer so that I can win awards.” At least not me anyway. In fact, I remember my first time sitting in on judging for an image competition back in 2017... The room is dark and filled with people. It’s standing room only. The room is illuminated only by a light box which is surrounded by the judges as this is where they view the prints, and a projector is used to display the images to the onlooking audience. The next image is announced by the proctor as the image handlers place the print in the lightbox. The proctor changes the image on the projector for the audience to see and… BOOM! Myself and a few around me are blown away. This was one of the most amazing images I’d ever seen. I probably exclaimed, “Jeez, that’s insane!” because that sounds like something I’d say in that instance. One by one, the judges move in closer to the print to get a better look at the image. One or two even go back for a second glance. After a few moments of deliberation, all of the judges enter their scores and the proctor reads the overall score of the image… “Image score: 76.”

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