July 2022

Editing WorkflowFor Painterly-Style Portraits

with Jen Hargrove

When it comes to creating my painterly-style images, I wouldn’t really say I have a crystal ball. I generally have no clear vision of what a finished product will look like exactly when I’m done with it—an idea, yes, but a clear vision? No. The finished image could be an award-winner, or it could be a train wreck. Some artists, like my mentor in this style, Richard Sturdevant, visualize their finished product, or they diagram the process or even create a flowchart to map out their progress towards a finished image. My style, by contrast, is a bit of a Zen journey, much like an unscripted road trip—I know I’m there when I get there. If this sounds familiar to you, perhaps this painterly style of editing is for you.

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