May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

3 Ways to Achieve Consistency in Wedding Photography | Sarah Edmunds


If you want your photography to be timeless and classic, avoid trends that will date quickly and make your portfolio look inconsistent as you shift styles to follow the latest one. Clients need to feel secure that they know what they are getting when they book you and that you can deliver what they expect. I have a signature look that I developed years ago and have maintained for 10 years: a clean edit in Lightroom, then a creamy tone added using adjustment layers in Photoshop. Eliminating Photoshop from my workflow (with the exception of images retouched for print) sped up my processing dramatically. I now use my own Lightroom profiles ( that I created from my Photoshop adjustment layers, meaning I can apply the same color toning in batch to thousands of images in one click, with a simple slider to reduce or increase the effect, without touching any of the raw adjustment sliders used to adjust white balance, contrast and exposure.

settings: f5.0 @ 1/800 iso 100

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