May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

settings: f2.0 @ 1/200 iso 220


For bride and groom preparation shots I bring a continuous, daylight-balanced light wand on a stand with me. Its narrow shape takes up little room and adds extra light to dark hotel rooms when needed, leaving me free to shoot without disturbing my clients or being too invasive. I also use the curtains to control the light, pulling them semi-closed for a cleaner, darker background and to shape the bride’s features as makeup is applied, or the groom as he adjusts his tie. You can eliminate the Russian roulette of available light during dinners, reception and dancing by using off-camera flash. This will give a consistent feel to these all-important action/reaction shots and give the couple confidence that you can handle any venue and lighting situation. For external group shots I use a Godox AD200 or AD300Pro with softbox, balanced against the available light. Dinners, receptions and dancing are lit with three AD200s with fresnel heads (and I have now added an AD100Pro) on light stands in different corners of the room. This gives dimension to a situation that is often either extremely dark or flat-lit. It also means all my evening pictures are consistent in lighting and style regardless of venue. An additional advantage of using off-camera flash is that you can be sure your photographs will look highly professional compared to those taken by guests.

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