May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

3 Ways to Achieve Consistency in Wedding Photography | Sarah Edmunds



Consistency of capture starts with white balance. The light and mood of the day may vary, but skin tones must always be true. For the ultimate in consistent color, set a custom white balance in camera. This will save time editing later and ensure perfect color and consistency throughout the entire wedding. There are several tools that can help you measure a custom white balance, including the ExpoDisc (a filter you attach to your lens), or the Lumi light meter, which is a small dome that plugs into an iPhone. The device is an incident light meter, which also reads color temperature. You can then dial in the correct Kelvin value into your camera manually.

settings: f3.2 @ 1/160 iso 100

A more traditional method is to use a gray card, which is a card printed with the solid reference of “middle gray,” also known as 18% gray. You can use it to set a custom white balance in a manner similar to the ExpoDisc, or use it as a reference for editing later.

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