May 2021 // The Wedding Edition


Clarity, Consistency and Constancy are the holy grail of a strong brand.

These attributes permeate the entire business, not just the traditional branding elements such as logo and website graphics. Clarity, consistency and constancy must be present in every service, product and communication the business offers. Achieving a consistent brand identity through logo, website and other marketing materials is the easy part. It can be harder to find the confidence to bring that clarity and consistency into our work. As creatives, we are often lured by the next bright, shiny trend in wedding or portrait photography, trying to chase someone else’s style instead of creating our own. Remember, your portfolio is part of your brand, so reduce your website showcase to the specific style you want to shoot more of in the future and the one that you have identified as your “DNA.” The stronger the portfolio in terms of consistency, the greater the possibility that you will attract your ideal client (clarity) and that you will meet that client’s expectations (constancy). Wedding photography is possibly the most unpredictable part of a couple’s day against a large chunk of their budget, so the more consistent your portfolio, the more secure the couple will feel about their choice in hiring YOU as their trusted professional.

Here are my three steps to maintaining consistency in wedding photography.

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