May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

Pandemic Profitability: The New World For Wedding Photographers | Lora & Issac Skelton

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If you are a wedding photographer, don’t just sit around and wait for things to open back up. The restrictions on weddings aren’t going away anytime soon, even with a vaccine rolling out. The market has shifted and won’t be the same again. Use this time to explore other sources of revenue and redefine your business. In 2020, our goal was 50 weddings. We wanted to be the top wedding photographers in our area. Because of Covid-19, we were forced to shift to portraits. Never in a million years would I have thought I would want to photograph 100 to 120 seniors in a year, but that is our 2021 goal now. We have fallen in love with being portrait photographers and aren’t looking back. Portraits have given us our weekends back with our kids. It has allowed us to be selective of the weddings we take on. And it has us shooting for $500,000 this year. Remaining profitable through a pandemic was incredibly challenging. But the fact that we were able to see growth during these times has removed all self-imposed limits we ever had on our business. The ability to adapt has removed all fear this pandemic has put on our business. I am 100% confident that we will continue to see growth in 2021 no matter how this year plays out—because we weren’t afraid to be seen as more than just “wedding photographers.”

Red Wing, Minnesota-based photographers Lora & Isaac travel the world documenting couples and families, capturing the most important moments of their lives. Specializing in senior and family photography, their main goals are to provide an unmatched client experience from start to finish, and to create images that are unique and will fill the walls of their clients’ homes for generations to come. Their love for photography began shortly after their own wedding. What started as a side hobby quickly blossomed into a successful career for Lora & Isaac. website: instagram: @loraandisaac

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