May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

Pandemic Profitability: The New World For Wedding Photographers | Lora & Issac Skelton

Working when others weren’t is what allowed us to be successful this past year and is continuing to help us in 2021. The country was shut down and photos weren’t able to be taken. A huge number of photographers I knew just shut down and sat at home waiting for things to open back up. We started restructuring our business. We shifted focus and began to execute immediately. We ramped up marketing. When everyone was hoarding money, we were spending it. The extra $1,000 we used in Facebook ads wasn’t going to help us keep our doors open, so we figured we might as well spend it and be ready to go once things opened up. You would be surprised how easy it is to book family sessions when you are one of the few photographers in the area running Facebook ads. We ran a $200 ad campaign over five days and it generated over $38,000 in revenue for us in 2020. Let that sink in: spend $200 to make $38,000. My only regret is that I didn’t push that campaign more. We immediately invested in education. We were wedding photographers. We didn’t know how to run a portrait studio, how to book this volume of clients, or what the back end of our business needed to be. We subscribed to Level Up and launched our senior influencer program and began filling our calendar. We spent thousands of dollars during a time when we had zero money coming in and were unable to actually shoot. There was no idea for when our state would open back up, but we weren’t going to sit back and let our business fail and just wish we could work again.

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