May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

Creating a Wedding Day Timeline for Photographers | Alissa Cincotta

settings: f2.0 @ 1/2000 iso 160


This is probably the single most forgotten part of the day when photographers are getting started in weddings. You don’t just magically get from point A to point B by snapping your fingers (although that would be pretty awesome). Use Google Maps. If the hotel to the ceremony venue shows a 30-minute drive time, allow for 45 minutes. This gives you time to pack up gear, load the car, and also gives you some wiggle room for traffic. Remember, I am speaking to you as a St. Louis-based photographer, not a New York City photographer. Know your area and plan accordingly. Also, don’t forget to do your research ahead of time so you can plan for things like parking (valet, street parking, etc.). Wedding days are not the time to be an amateur with travel. Take five minutes and figure it out ahead of time so you’re prepared to arrive early. This makes such a good impression on your clients when they arrive and you’re already there ready for them. Remember, your clients should not have to worry about you and your time management (or lack thereof) on their big day.

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