May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

Reception: Here’s the deal with receptions. Once you get your couple back to the venue, make sure they have a few minutes to touch up and just be together before the chaos of having to be “on” for everyone. This is so important. And reminding them about this shows a human side to you that all of their other vendors will overlook. Once you get to the reception, sync up with the DJ immediately and make sure your timelines match. Pro tip: They never match. Start the conversation by letting him or her know what time your coverage ends and you need to make sure you’re getting in the first dances, toasts, and bouquet/garter toss. If you’re short on time, leave things like the dollar dance and the shoe game for after your coverage ends. Most couples don’t actually put those images in their album. Once you’ve covered everything and your coverage is coming to an end, grab your couple for one final signature style shot inside or outside, but somewhere that showcases the reception venue well because BINGO, you can use this image as a way to build a relationship with the venue. Win-win for us all! OK, now it’s time to look at how many hours you’re into this day so far so you can work backwards from the ceremony to see what time you need to start getting ready with the bride and groom. This is the perfect time to nudge them into getting ready at the same hotel so you’re not losing time traveling between locations. Make sure everything fits into their allotted time based on their package and if they’re over by 30 minutes, just eat it. Don’t be that person that nickels and dimes your clients on something like this. Truth is, if you show your willingness to eat that cost, they’re more likely to spend with you post-wedding on upgrades. However, don’t let this get out of hand. Understand that if your initial timeline is already over by an hour or more, it’s only going to get worse with delays on the actual wedding day. We allow our clients to swap out their engagement session for an extra hour of coverage. Just know, if you do in-person sales, you’re losing an opportunity to make a sale on that engagement session you’re allowing them to swap out.

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