May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

Creating a Wedding Day Timeline for Photographers | Alissa Cincotta

Family formals: Give yourself 30 minutes for this and do not overcomplicate it. How many of you have had your bride hand you a printout from a Pinterest article listing out every single possible photo pairing needed during family formals? Hi, yeah, me too. Too many times to count. This is your time to shine. You don’t need a stinkin’ LIST of shots! You do this for a living!

settings: f4.0 @ 1/200 iso 400

Here’s what we tell our couples:

“For family formals, we want to capture these as quickly as possible so we’re not cutting into the creative portrait part of the day. We will do immediate family on both sides out to grandparents (or great-grandparents). For aunts and uncles, just pull us aside at the reception and we’ll be more than happy to capture groupings there!”

Creatives: At a minimum, we need an hour and a half. Ideally, we’d like at least two hours and two locations.

Question about locations: Do you want park or urban? Again, don’t overcomplicate this. Don’t ask them if they want a specific park. If there’s a place that is meaningful to them, they’ll let you know. If you put the ball in their court, they’ll have you driving around for hours back and forth to get the exact same picture in park A that you would have gotten in park B. A park is a park is a park. It’s all green. Same thing for urban locations. I suggest having a handful of go-to pre-scouted locations that you can rotate between clients so not everything looks the same.

settings: f2.8 @ 1/1000 iso 50

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