May 2021 // The Wedding Edition


When our couples meet us for their initial consultation, we are asking all of the important details about their day: ceremony time, location, specific requests for creatives, reception time and location, and so on. There is, however, one specific question we open up with:

“What is it that drew you into our work?”

This question is so important as a baseline for your timeline with the couple. Nine out of 10 times for us, the answer is the same as they point to the large cinematic and dramatic portraits hung throughout our sales room:

“We love all of your epic shots. It all looks straight out of a movie and your couples all look like models.”

THIS is our key indicator that the couple sitting in front of us is our client. Why? Because they understand that what we do isn’t just clicking the shutter button on a camera. There is art in what we do, and these people can see it, value it and appreciate it. Bingo. Now, you have to educate the couple. These cinematic shots don’t just happen on the wedding day. We need to be strategic in our timing to ensure we’re able to create these types of images. This is how the conversation goes: “We typically aim to create two or three signature style cinematic images from your wedding day. We should plan on at least an hour and a half for the creatives to allow for this. Two hours is ideal, but if we stay in one general location, we can rock these shots out with just you and your fiancé and still have time to capture you and your bridal party.” Guys, what you say is so important in this initial meeting. You are planting the seed in their brains and positioning yourself as the expert. Be confident in your approach. Don’t make suggestions. Tell them what YOU need to be able to deliver on the imagery they are hiring you to create.

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