May 2021 // The Wedding Edition


This stage is really about how you'll deal with success, whatever that looks like for you, on a day-to-day basis. It's fun to think high-level and consider what it'd be like to be “successful,” but you need to have things like a workflow, a client management system, or a day-to-day plan for how you'll do all the work you commit to and do it well enough to make your customers happy. The key is to make a system that works now but will also work when you grow. This might be about outsourcing. What elements will you consider taking out and having someone else do? Pay attention to what elements of your business you don't like or that you aren't good or fast at doing. Write these things down. You may have to do them all now, but when you're growing, you may be able to pay someone else to do this work! A big question is whether or not someone would be willing to do this work for less pay than you are doing it for now. You are, after all, the CEO, so as you find and add to your team, you may contract out elements of the business for less than you make yourself. Then it's time to research. What items might you outsource, what would they cost in your area or for your needs, and in what order would you like to outsource them? Make a plan for how well your business needs to be doing before you outsource each item. Ideally, your outsourcing frees up your time to do what you do best, what you enjoy most, or what brings in lots of happy clients—ideally, all three!

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