May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

Understanding Non-Fungible Tokens for Photographers | Scott Detweiler

Model: Rebecca

As the NFT space matures, I can see many beautiful pieces of art being collected and sold in single, limited editions or even open runs, just as they would be in an art gallery. As the future of augmented reality and digital assets starts to be more common, only the future knows how far this will go. For those of us that create images for the fine-art market, this is an opportunity to create yet another potential revenue stream, and I think it is opening the doors to new ways of thinking about digital art.

Scott is a conceptual portrait photographer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Along with his original approach to portraits, he excels at fashion and boudoir, and is an amateur body painter. When he is not shooting, Scott turns his studio into a classroom where he holds workshops on lighting, conceptual work and boudoir. website: instagram: @sedetweiler

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