May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

How to Get Super Resolution with Raw Images in Photoshop v22.3 | Dustin Lucas

fig 3


Once your image is open in ACR v13.2 you need to right-click to choose Enhance or hold Shift and Command while striking the D key. (fig. 3) You’ll notice in Enhance Preview that only Raw Details is selected. Once you select the Super Resolution option, your image immediately begins rendering a preview. (fig. 4) You can select in your image where you want to preview the enhanced version. In my opinion, this gives a poor preview of what the results actually look like. (fig. 5ab) You’ll also notice an estimated time is given. In my case, it’s 5 minutes due to my 2016 MacBook Pro’s graphics processor, or GPU. (fig. 6) This will vary for most users depending on your GPU.

fig 4

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