May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

When indoors, open all the curtains and let the light flood the room. You can always pare back by closing them gradually if it isn’t the mood you want. An important tip is to turn off any interior lighting, as this may cause unsightly color casts. Don’t be afraid to crank up the ISO. Most modern cameras capture great images at high ISO. I will often be in a situation where I have a bride in a beautiful location and just need a spot of light on her to fill out the shadows. Here, Carla is in a forest and I have my assistant finding light to bounce onto her. The effort pays off and having my clients appreciate that is very rewarding

settings: f1.4 @ 1/800 iso 800

As you can see from my work, I never shoot with harsh, direct light onto my subject. However, I really admire the work of Ruan Redelinghuys ( who is really talented and has incorporated shooting with direct sunlight into his distinctive style. I asked him for a few images and for him to describe this thought process. We moved outside for bridal portraits, but the wind was too strong to set up a strobe with a softbox. This made me change plans and I placed the bride facing the sun and moved to align the clouds with the veil to create a diagonal line and lower third placement in the frame.

settings: f1.4 @ 1/5000 iso 400

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