May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

Dramatic Portraits Using Natural Light | Brett Florens


Moving indoors, we need to look for good-quality light that is flattering and bright. This is most often found next to doors or windows. Just as with direct sunlight, you can always diffuse the sunlight with a diffuser or white bedsheet, reducing contrast and creating conditions favorable to great images. I often shoot in open doorways, where I am standing outside and the bride is standing at the entrance to a room. Because of the inverse square rule, you find that if you expose correctly for the light landing on the subject, then the background goes darker which creates the drama we are looking for.

settings: f2.8 @ 1/500 iso 400

settings: f1.4 @ 1/125 iso 400

For these images I dragged the sofa to the open doorway to make most of the great light coming in from the outdoors. Be prepared to move furniture around when necessary. Do so mindfully and it will show that you know what you want from the image and are prepared to put in the effort to achieve that goal.

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