May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

Shooting with the sunlight landing directly on the model’s face poses a lot of challenges for us photographically, as it can be very unflattering if not done with premeditated intent. It is not easy for the model to look directly into the sun, so she would more than likely have a frown that could be perceived as a scowl—not a great look for a bridal portrait. The tonal gradation between highlights, midtones and shadows is very abrupt and reveals very defined shadows. The image overall has too much contrast and lots of potential for improvement. This image was shot at F4 in Aperture Priority without any exposure value compensation.

With the use of a simple scrim, which is part of the 5-in-1 reflector system, you can reduce the contrast and create an image that looks like it was shot with studio-quality lighting. This flattens the image, creating a smoother transition from highlights to midtones and midtones to shadows. It makes it much easier for the model to keep her eyes open, creating a more flattering, attractive image. Essentially what you are doing here is diffusing the harsh sunlight by using the scrim to create a softbox effect. This image was also shot at F4 in Aperture Priority without any exposure value compensation, making it one of the easiest techniques to combat harsh direct light.

settings: f4 @ 1/800 iso 100

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