May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

settings: f3.2 @ 1/125 iso 200

The more you use your flashes, the more you will become comfortable with them, which will enable you to get more creative. One example of getting creative is to put a flash on the side of your subject opposite to where you’ll be shooting from. From the other side, set your exposure for the bride and then turn your flash on low power. Once set up, have the hair person spray the bride’s hair a final time. The flash will pick up the hairspray particles, creating a more interesting image. This can quickly become a standard shot for you that your brides will love. It’s pretty rare that I will use flash for ceremonies, but I have done it before. The quality of the photos is always the most important thing to me. If a ceremony location is so dark that I will have to boost the ISO so high that the images will be grainy, I will talk with the couple and give them the option of me using flash and having great images or having dark, grainy images. Clients are usually concerned about the flash being a distraction, but in my experience they rarely are. If the walls are a light color, I will place a flash against the walls to the right and left of where the couple will be standing and approximately 10 yards down the aisle. I will point the flash against the wall so that it will bounce and create a larger and softer light on the couple and wedding party. If placed properly, this will also light the couple as they walk down the aisle. Do this along with setting your ISO as high as you can without getting grainy images so your flash power can be as low as possible. This will help to minimize any distractions from the flash. Just be sure to test this with an assistant or guest beforehand. You do not want to wait until the couple is walking down the aisle to be sure your settings are correct.

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