May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

How To Use Flash Photography in Tight Spaces | Justin Yoder


While you might typically think of using flashes during the reception of a wedding, they can be incredibly useful tools throughout a wedding day. In an ideal situation, your couple will be getting ready next to soft window light, but if you shoot weddings long enough, you won’t always be so lucky. Most of the time I will start by turning off any overhead lights to try to avoid mixing light temperatures. While a bride is getting hair and makeup done, the makeup artist will typically have decent light on her, but when this isn’t the case, I put my flash on a light stand and use a trigger on my camera to fire the flash and control the power settings. Typically for these shots, I use a grid on my flash head and try to keep the flash at a 45-degree angle from my subject. A grid will focus the light where I want it to go rather than spilling everywhere in the room. This helps me be able to lower my ISO so my environment is slightly darker which allows my bride or groom to pop out in the photo. Profoto A1s and Godox V1s both have kits with magnetic light shaping tools. If you have a flash with a rectangle head, MagMod makes some great tools that will attach to it.

settings: f2.8 @ 1/320 iso 1000

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