May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

10 Tips For Better Engagement Photos | Kesha Lambert


Even when traveling light, you should always have a backup of the essential things that you’ll need for the session. When you are out on location with a couple, preparing for the unexpected means having extras of anything you might need: a backup camera, at least two lenses, extra memory cards and batteries. These can fit snugly in a backpack or you can wear your gear on you with a double harness.

settings: f2.2 @ 1/250 iso 1000


Choosing the right location, a location that fits your clients’ style, taste, and love story is important. Couples will often default to choosing popular local attractions and historical sites for their engagement session. As a photographer, recommending a location that you know like the back of your hand is always a safe and easy way to go. The truth is that some of the most amazing places for engagement portraits are off the beaten path or random. Any place that catches your eye has the potential to be a beautiful engagement portrait location. A side street, a dirt road, an alleyway, a tree-lined neighborhood street, or an underpass—skip the park or other local favorites, and instead choose a location that is sentimental to the couple or a location that you noticed in passing. Beautiful backdrops can be found on any given street. The next time you’re in your car or out on a walk, take mental notes of the places that catch your eye.

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