May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

10 Tips For Better Engagement Photos | Kesha Lambert


Ask couples that you’ll be working with lots of probing questions. When you engage with your clients, listen actively and pay attention to the little things. Keep eyes and ears out for the subjects that make them light up and the things that they shy away from sharing about. When you gather information about the people that you photograph, you build a library of information that you can use as a pathway to connect with them on a deeper level. This library of information can be used as a resource to prompt a moment, instigate interaction between the couple, or pull out a show of personality. It gives you a starting point to establish rapport and trust when you can have a conversation based on your clients’ interests and personal history. When you have your clients’ trust, the creative possibilities are endless.


In many instances, couples arrive at their engagement session nervous about whether they will know what to do in front of the camera. Give your couples some guidance before the date of their session. Providing information via a “What to Expect” guide or a beautifully packaged client gift will put nervous minds at ease. Include recommendations for creative direction, like what colors to wear, location and time of day. Include practical advice on how to prepare for their session. Include a gift that they can use during their session, like a confetti popper or a small bubble wand. The goal is to set the tone and get them excited about the session.


If you’re planning to do an outdoor engagement session, the time of day will impact light. Light quality will also vary based on the type of location. Factoring in the time of day may impact the type of gear you decide to bring to achieve the desired look you want for your images. If there is a particular time of day that allows you to achieve a look that fits your style, then schedule your session for that time of day. Your clients will appreciate your expertise and guidance.

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