May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

An engagement session is an amazing way to break the ice and connect with couples. It gives the couple an opportunity to experience working with you before the wedding day. When a couple invests in working with you for their wedding, in many instances they don’t truly know what they are signing up for. They have seen your work, maybe they’ve met you and have had a conversation with you, but there is so much added value in working together for a photo session before the wedding day. For the photographer, the engagement session provides an opportunity to establish rapport, build trust and impress your client. The engagement sessionalsoopensupanavenue tosell products like wall art and albums in addition to the investment they made for their wedding photography. The engagement session is the photographer’s chance to stand out in the client’s mind and make a great impression. So here are 10 quick tips for a better engagement session.

settings: f2.0 @ 1/1000 iso 200

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