May 2021 // The Wedding Edition

Film Photography 101: The Foundations of Film | Jeremy Chou

In closing, one of the most important aspects of shooting film is to expect failures. In the beginning stages of shooting film, one can expect lots of blurry, out of focus, underexposed or overexposed photos. It will feel like relearning photography from scratch again. It will be both the most rewarding and frustrating process of learning. But I can promise this: with lots of trials and failure, the end result will be worth all the frustration.

Jeremy Chou is a fine art film wedding photographer who has traveled extensively throughout the world capturing beautiful weddings. Trained as an architect, Jeremy has a unique ability to incorporate the environment into his images while telling a compelling story. His work has been seen in all major U.S. wedding blogs and select print publications. He also has taught workshops throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. website: instagram: @jeremychouworkshops

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