May 2021 // The Wedding Edition


Pros: • It’s a larger film negative, so in concept there is much more resolution for film. More resolution equals finer grain and clearer larger prints. • The film stocks offered for 120mm and 220mm film cameras are generally considered professional grade. They typically offer more consistency in colors. • The cameras are generally built better and there are still some newer medium format film cameras. Cons: • 35mm cameras are not considered “professional cameras” in the sense that many consumer-grade 35mm cameras lack the functionality and reliability a professional photographer would expect. • Many 35mm cameras have a fixed lens and lack the ability to affix lenses of different focal lengths. • 35mm film stock tends to be less versatile. It requires much more light and the images tend to look more grainy in comparison to 120mm film images. After selecting the right camera system, you will need to decide on the film stock you might want. As previously mentioned, Fuji 400H will be discontinued at the end of 2021, but I feel it would still be pertinent to discuss this film since it’s one of the most popular film stocks on the market today.

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