May 2021 // The Wedding Edition


Your brand identity is usually the first point of contact between your business and the client. When they hear about you, the first thing they will do is visit your website and social media profiles. Take a moment to think about what message your brand says to potential clients. Is your imagery, logo and website professional or does it make you look like an amateur? Is your brand congruent with the brands that you’ve identified as appealing to the client in the avatar that you created? Clients want to be confident that you’ll still be in business six to twelve months from now when it’s time for their wedding. Let’s take it a step further and consider if your reviews reflect the message that you want to send to prospective clients. Reviews are essential in establishing trust and credibility as they pull back the veil (no pun intended) on your business. They provide new clients with insight into the experiences past clients have had working with you. It is also important to align yourself with other wedding professionals who are also attracting the clientele that you desire. Wedding planners can be your best friends as often times they are the first point of contact with brides and are guiding most of their decisions along the way. Florists and decorators are also great partners. I’ve never shot a wedding that didn’t have flowers and let’s face it—flowers are an inevitable part of weddings. Work closely with these vendors to build strong relationships. They will also be sharing the work you produce. The work you do together may also get published, which will increase your visibility and further validate you.

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