November 2020 // The Business Edition


When it comes to testing your internet speed, most people find out that their internet is bad when they have to upload RAW or JPEG files to a website. This is for anyone that is not paying an arm and a leg for symmetrical bandwidth or fiber internet. To avoid having to invest more money in your internet bill to send work to a remote team, insert Lightroom Smart Previews. This is nothing new for Lightroom, but if you don’t ship work off you would likely never utilize these. Smart Previews are a revolutionary way to edit your images without having to send the original files. It’s really easy to do this while importing your images. Just check that convenient box in the upper right corner under File Handling, and after import this process is automatic. Once you are ready to send your images you can export them as a catalog. First you need to filter to the images you want to send, then in the top menu bar click File>Export as Catalog, name it, choose where to save and check the Build/Include Smart Previews box. Once it’s done you just need to compress all the Lightroom files created from this export. This is vital for anyone just wanting to send culling or color correction. If you are using Lightroom then you are no stranger to presets, and you should apply yours to the full catalog to allow the team to work from your starting point settings. Then you should label a few images you’ve color corrected to help get them dialed in. Of course every post-production house will contact you after signup with their onboarding process. This is important to read and understand before you fully prep files so you don’t miss something and have to reupload.


Once you get dialed in on culling and/or color correction you have to ask yourself where your time could be better spent. Do you want to generate more revenue for your business, spend time with family, work on personal projects, invest more time in-person sales (IPS), lower cost of goods, reduce overhead? Many of us are perfectionists and spend way too much time on our pictures. Reality is, your clients do not care about 5 points of magenta or how long you took to edit their pictures. They want their wedding pictures in hand in two weeks, family photos in less than a week, senior photos in a couple days, head shots next day, real estate same and the list goes on. How are you managing to run your business, be on shoots all day and accomplish this? You have to be thinking: I shoot, they edit and it’s off your plate. Well what does it mean exactly for it to be off your plate? You could literally shoot a gig, upload the RAWs same day and have the images ready for your client online in a week. It’s simple to do this if you’ve created proper expectations with your client on what to expect for their preview. One step further, when you book a shoot you can also pre-schedule previews with the client because you now have a system. This is key, and building a relationship gets you there. The only way you get there is by letting go of the process and trusting a team to do the job you pay them for. Pushing for full service means having a team perform all the production related to getting the image to your client like culling, color correction, image straightening, choosing images for creative edits, syncing capture time for reordering, renaming, exporting and uploading to your client gallery. BOOM—you are done.

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