November 2020 // The Business Edition

Brand Consistency On Instagram | Jonathan Tilley


Instagram is here to stay. And with a little bit of organising, fitting the format, and scheduling your content you take your Instagram from meh to wow! If you have a through-line with your Instagram content and post consistently… • You’ll stop waking up in the morning and suddenly think, “Ufff! What am I going to post on Instagram today?!” • You won’t be losing out big time. • You won’t be behind. And since your Instagram is like a living, breathing, ever-evolving website full of micro-content, when you implement what you’ve read above and when people land on your feed, your followers will fall in love with you. You build the know, like, and trust factor. You start a conversation. And that conversation turns into booked gigs.

You now know how to implement brand consistency and turn your Instagram into a networking powerhouse.

Jonathan Tilley is a personal brand strategist who helps creative people shine online and share their talent with the world. He teaches all of his Instagramknowledge onwww.mycontentcalendar. com with free classes, fun quizzes, an online course and a 16-month planner that helps build your brand on Instagram one day at a time. To get free Instagram tips and tricks directly from

Jonathan, follow him at website: instagram: @jonathantilleydotcom

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