November 2020 // The Business Edition


Is your imagery scattered all over Dropbox, external hard drives, and your desktop? Yeah no. That’s not going to work. Take the time now to create folders for each client if you haven’t already. Once the job is done, all final images are retouched, and your IPS session went crazy good, create another folder called INSTAGRAM. Inside the INSTAGRAM folder, create one folder for each client you’ve worked with. Drag all the images that you feel represent your work (even if the client didn’t pick them as their final images, it is your photography business after all) and drop them into that client’s INSTAGRAM folder. Yes, this is boring but YES it’s going to bring order to your social media presence and in turn build your brand consistency.


The Instagram feed is square. Yes, you can have slight variations on the Instagram feed aspect ratio (and you can get creative with that if you want) but for the sake of this article, let’s fit the format and say all Instagram feed posts should be square. Go into your INSTAGRAM folder, click on each client’s folder, and duplicate all of the imagery. From all the duplicates, crop each image into square so it fits the format. For each client’s folder inside the big INSTAGRAM folder, create another folder called SQUARE. Inside each client’s SQUARE folder, drag and drop that client’s imagery that you just cropped in square. Do this for all of your client folders.

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