November 2020 // The Business Edition

Brand Consistency On Instagram | Jonathan Tilley

Have you ever woken up in the morning and suddenly thought, “Ufff! What am I going to post on Instagram today?!” If the answer is yes, then you’re losing out big time. You’re too late in the game. You’re way behind. Instagram IS our social media platform. Period. It’s the easiest way to book work. It’s a living, breathing, constantly evolving mini-website that people can interact with. Your Instagram is a conversation starter. But if you’re not setting the scene to make people want to have a conversation with you, then you might as well delete your profile, move into a Himalayan yurt, and pick elderflowers until you’re 95. So how do you set the scene to make people want to have a conversation with you? It’s called brand consistency.

Brand consistency is a small amount of planning for a big impact. Brand consistency on Instagram is organising your Instagram feed in a way that it feels curated, elevated, and aligned with your photography business. Bye-bye random posts of food that you ate at a restaurant last weekend that have nothing do with your business. Hello organised Instagram content that oozes brand consistency.

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