November 2020 // The Business Edition


Ooh, get those behind-the-scenes shots! No, seriously, get them. The best advertising you can ask for on social media is the pictures your clients take of themselves having an amazing time, being treated like supermodels at your studio. If you don’t want the client to take her own pictures (for instance if you’re a natural light shooter), offer to take a few for her, but take enough that she has something to share and a little memento from the day. Social media stories are currency these days! Cash in.


Remember how we said luxury is all about the senses? Well it’s not just about some relaxing vanilla and jasmine. Scent is the sense most closely linked with memory. It evokes emotions, it’s incredibly powerful. Use scent to set a mood, create a memory, set the experience. Candles, lotions, whatever you’d like to keep in your studio.


All of my clients are special and I’m grateful for each of them, but there’s an extra thank you for clients who spend above a certain dollar amount. These clients become a part of my VIP club and receive special thank you gifts from me. I purchase gifts from Tiffany & Co. (ranging from sets of champagne glasses or coffee mugs to decanters and small silver items), but you could offer gifts from any store that aligns with your brand.

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