November 2020 // The Business Edition

Crafting a Luxury Experience | Jai Mayhew

Now let’s talk about those extra touches. Those special additions to the shoot that set the tone and elevate your session to luxury.


The first should go without saying, but make sure your studio is clean, well swept, vacuumed and odor free. Whether you’re shooting out of a studio space or your home, first impressions are everything and you want your client to come in and relax. She can’t do this if the space is cluttered or dirty. Give her a zen and spa-like environment.


I keep several robes in the studio for clients to wear while they’re in hair and makeup (to keep their clothes clean and so they don’t have to pull anything over their head once styling is done) and to wear in between wardrobe changes. It’s one less thing for them to have to bring and adds to the spa-like experience.


When a client arrives for her session the first thing I do is go out to her car and help her carry her things into the studio. This day is all about pampering her! If a client has flown in from out of town (or if she threw the clothes into the car the night before), there’s a chance her wardrobe will be wrinkled. I highly recommend you keep a steamer in your studio to fix this. It’s another way to offer high-end service to your client (and keep you from spending hours fixing wrinkles in post).

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