November 2020 // The Business Edition


Being amazing is about being unexpected. Delivering in two to three weeks when you said four is unexpected. You can take that a step further by doing something that goes above and beyond what is expected of a photographer. You are your own person and should find the thing that fits your personality, but what I like to do is give the client little gifts. I give them a gift when they first book, one before the wedding, and another as we say our goodbyes. People love swag. Even large companies like Amazon give away swag when they are holding events or pushing their branding efforts. These types of tangible extras create word-of-mouth in two ways. First, they make the client go, "Wow! That was amazing!" and get them talking about you that way. But they are also the type of thing that ends up on Instagram or other social media accounts. "Look what my photographer gave me!" Now your name is out there in one of the most viral forms of media. Friends are liking and sharing and your name is flying all over the internet as a photographer who goes above and beyond. We are long removed from the days when word-of-mouth had to come from the mouth. Now, just as often, it comes from pixels and algorithms.

Evona over at has revolutionized my business gifting practices. At first I was giving away things that had my logo on them, but she taught me that wasn’t the way to go. Since she switched up how I give gifts, I’ve had about double the social postings about them from my clients. It’s about giving them something that they find special and unique, versus you throwing your logo all over the place.

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