November 2020 // The Business Edition


A lot of people want to hype themselves up to clients. They think this is the best way to close the sale. Maybe it helps that sale, but it doesn't help the longevity of your business. When you oversell yourself, you are likely to underwhelm the customer. Even if you promise them the moon and somehow manage to give it to them, you've only succeeded in matching the expectations that you yourself created for them. That's why it's important to do the opposite. Under promise, and then over deliver. Let's say you know that you can get photos delivered to a customer in two to three weeks. Tell them that it will take four. You know you are going to get it to them faster, but they don't know that. They'll have their expectations set low and you'll exceed those expectations for them every time. Of course, you must be intelligent with this strategy. If you tell them it'll take a year to get the photos and deliver them in two weeks, they'll probably be happy, but that happiness isn't going to overshadow their initial disappointment at your ridiculous time frame. Like most good things, practice this tip in moderation.

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