November 2020 // The Business Edition

Building the Foundation For a Successful Photography Business: Part 2 | Michael Anthony


Efficiency is absolutely key in your business. Running an efficient studio will allow you to employ fewer people and run through your processes real quick. In order to do this, we HAVE to leverage modern technology. The first investment that you should make in your business is a good client relationship manager (CRM). We use Tave in our studio, but also recommend Sprout as a very solid option for photographers looking to learn more about their business.

A great CRM allows you to figure out your conversion ratios, lead sources, and best selling items.

In simpler terms, a CRM gives you data that you can leverage. Remember, what gets measured gets improved.

A CRM will also give you more functions that save you time. You can send and monitor contracts and questionnaires, and utilize advanced automations and email templates. Once you have your CRM in place, the next thing you need to invest in is a project manager. A project manager will allow you to not only track initiatives and projects in what is almost like a glorified to-do list, but it will also allow you to track all of your production. We utilize project management solutions in our own studio and it helps us to stay organized in every endeavor from creating marketing campaigns to preparing for bridal shows. We use Notion to manage all of our projects, and I have found it to be incredibly flexible and easy to tailor to our business.

I recommend setting up boards for print and album production, as well as marketing campaigns.

Now that you have these two elements in place in your business, it’s time to begin to automate your marketing. I highly recommend automating your campaigns for a variety of reasons. First, automating your marketing allows you to remove the human element from the process, thereby reducing errors and inconsistencies. You can automate things like lead response, scheduling, and email marketing.

All of these things are very easy to set up, and once they are running you will be able to use them over and over.

In order to do this, you will need an email service provider. Almost all of them have similar functionality, but I recommend ActiveCampaign as it has built-in text marketing, Facebook custom audience integration, and other features. I recommend picking one, building your sender reputation, and sticking with it. Email marketing can help your business be incredibly successful. In fact, it’s been the tool we have used to scale our business by rebooking old clients over and over again.

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