November 2020 // The Business Edition

Drop Your Excuses: Leveling Up Your Creativity | Toni Shaw


We must push ourselves to accomplish many of the goals that we want to obtain. We can’t expect our work or creativity to magically get better without making an effort to make our work more creative and impactful. There are so many other areas to consider.

Here are some of the most important things that help me strive to be a better, stronger, more creative photographer. • Have and know your self-worth. When I say self-worth, I don’t just mean money. We seem to be in a world of monetizing everything. But know that you are important and the job you have as a photographer is valuable to that next client. You will never know whose life you are documenting and how much it truly means to them. • Focus on putting time in to teach yourself something new. It will help enhance your work in many ways. • Always consider the emotional content of your image. It can have a positive family impact. • With their permission, use clients to try one thing that is a little different than your norm. • Increase your knowledge base by following other photographers and genres. You can learn a lot about how • Slow down. Make notes, reference what you need to reference, wash and repeat until it becomes second nature. • Stop trying to compare yourself to others. Build your portfolio based on your skillset and revisit your portfolio frequently. Your work should reflect your growth every year. You must start with something. You can’t just sit and think about it forever. You must sometimes encourage yourself and do what may seem uncomfortable—I know you can do it. tools others use can be an unlikely asset for your photography bag. • Focus on building a cohesive body of work that exemplifies your brand.

Toni Shaw is a contemporary photographer who has gained both critical and commercial recognition for her unique and intense colorful photographs. She is a free spirit but also an eclectic soul and this can be seen through her work. It is through these ambiguous and eclectic photographs that Shaw has developed a distinct signature style. website: instagram: @theshawphotographygroup

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