November 2020 // The Business Edition

Drop Your Excuses: Leveling Up Your Creativity | Toni Shaw


I encourage any artist to invest in themselves by taking art classes. It is important for you as an artist to understand the many areas of art so that you can be more creative and become stronger in your craft. Having a background or at least a small interest in fine arts can help you as an artist to see and conceptualize your work in a better way. You will be able to add some of the artistic values that I consider for every shot that I take. Below are some suggested areas that will certainly strengthen your work.

• Drawing and understanding the use of shadows and light as they are related to drawing. This helps you see and understand the importance of learning how light falls on a subject and how it can work for or against your image. Learning about highlights and shadows is also essential when you are learning how to do composites. • Color theory is important to know because you can visualize what will or will not work before you even come on set. In post, you will be able to see colors that will strengthen or detract from your image. Each color affects the human senses in different ways, so for you to convey your message, you need to know what those colors mean and look like. • Gain an introduction to the fundamentals of drawing in a variety of media. Exploring the elements of art, the principles of composition, perspective, and the development of observational, motor and creative skills will help you answer those burning questions you may have before and after the shoot. • Boosting the saturation in an image doesn’t mean you are adding “pop” or creativity to your work. The art elements, color, expression, concept and a strong visual feel will give your work a better impact. When planning your sessions, understanding the art elements will help you be more aware of what colors will or will not work for the shoot. It will also play a major role in helping you fix, improve or enhance your images in post. Knowing how and where to add that “pop” can come from taking a few community art classes.

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