November 2020 // The Business Edition


Everyone will have their own way of determining what creativity means to them. But trying to find that perfect gauge to get you in that creative zone can be a little frustrating. Here are a few thoughts and pointers on how to hone into your creative side. • Write down your ideas and continue to add to each thought, idea, color or emotion that you may have. You must seek out inspiration by not doing the norm. Do what is uncomfortable, set it aside for a period, and come back to revisit it by adding items that could be in relation to the image. • Definitely use location as a starting point. Predictable locations can be a factor in blocking that creative vibe. • Be willing to get help. Find someone who will listen to your thoughts and see if they have ideas that can play off your creative energy. • Change your scale, your focal points and your perspective. Get down and dirty. You may find a gold mine looking at things in a different way. • Use Photoshop and Lightroom. Scan through the hundreds of presets, actions or other tools in these applications and tweak your image to your taste. Do not feel like you have to be original, just be you and add the things that make you and your client excited that you are the artist you are.

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