November 2020 // The Business Edition


As a rule of thumb, the farthest thing on my mind is that I have to find a “pretty” place.

I live for unconventional venues. The best areas to find that can help you be more creative could be shrouded with bushes and leaves, and concealed from the average person’s eye. I urge you to look beyond the trash to find the environmental canvas to work with. Get in your vehicle and drive! You must get out of your bubble and look around for hidden jewels, or you will never find an entirely new world of options and opportunities to be great! Do not be afraid to pack your car for an hour drive in a direction that you have never gone before. Look at these areas at different times of the day and you will be surprised at what inspirations you will have. Finding driveways, parking lots, hallways, schools, mechanic’s garages, long dirt roads, hotel lobbies and conference rooms are just a small sample of areas that can help you create some of your best work. When searching for a venue, I make an effort to think completely opposite of what my client would consider as a place we can do a fun, creative, or even a business shoot. Usually, the first concept for your client would be “the local park.” While taking photos in a park is perfectly fine, I have yet to find parks that make me feel like I could not ask for anything better.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when searching for a unique venue to help you with your creativity. • What type of shoot is it? • Will my client be willing to go to any area that I find available? • How many types of looks can I get from the area? • How much unwanted traffic will be in the surrounding area? • Is it an area that is permissible and needs no permit? • Are there safe areas to park? • Is it near water or areas that are infested with mosquitoes or other unwanted bugs or animals? • What time of day looks best for the image I am trying to obtain?

Making the best out of the areas that surround you can push you to be your absolute best. Seeing beyond an “ugly” venue can help jumpstart your creative quest to be different.

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