November 2020 // The Business Edition


At this point, you can either be consumed by fear and indecision or you can just do something. I'm telling you, it comes down to execution. Those who get out there and do something, yes, there is a risk of failure, but even in failure, they will learn. Knowledge comes from failure. They will then use that knowledge to ensure they don’t make the same mistake next time and the cycle repeats itself. This is the pattern of a successful business owner. Fail fast has always been my motto. I know mistakes are part of the equation, they are inevitable. But if you can fail fast and learn from it, you start to realize that failure is part of the equation for success. Over time, you will use that fear to your advantage and it will help you make better decisions and make fewer mistakes. The path forward is the only way out of this. Sitting still is not an option. So, are you going to sit still and wait for the tragic end of the story or are you going to stand up, move forward, and rewrite a new history for you and your business?

Join me on the new path.

Sal Cincotta is an international award-winning photographer, educator, author, Canon Explorer Of Light and the publisher of Shutter Magazine. Sal’s success is directly tied to the education he received in business school. He graduated from Binghamton University, a Top 20 business school, and has worked for Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble and Microsoft. After spending 10 years in corporate America, Sal left to pursue a career in photography and has never looked back. website: instagram: @salcincotta

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