November 2020 // The Business Edition

How to Grow Your Business With IPS | Gary & Kim Evans

Having IPS as a part of our client experience has pushed us to excel and be thoughtful about each and every image that we create. It has pushed the level of our artwork and continues to propel us forward to create images that our clients love. When you’re creating an image of someone to sell it to them, there’s more on the line. You work harder. You listen more. You try a wider variety of shots, you push yourself to innovate and to be different. It makes you a better photographer because you want to wow your clients each and every session. You are shooting to sell after all.

So, all that being said, let’s talk real numbers. Before IPS, we were averaging $3K per wedding. After adding IPS (and with some legacy shoot and burn packages), within a year our average per wedding was just over $5K. We are projecting next year’s average to conservatively be $7K. How did we get there? We incorporate an album into every wedding package. Our couples love that they don’t even need to think about it; it’s already included. In our initial meeting with a couple, we talk through the album and how important it is to print wedding images, and this helps us to connect and match up with the RIGHT couples. Couples that believe in our vision, who are excited to display their images and see the value in what we do and how we’re different. Couples that just want digital files are not our clients, and that’s fine. We’re prepared to stick to our guns and our business model as we know there are couples out there who truly value what we do. We also include our engagement session in our packages. Not only does it give us a great opportunity to get to know our couple, but they also get to walk through the IPS process with us and get familiar with our products following their session. During that session we’re often planning where their engagement print will be on their wall along with their wedding prints. It’s not a matter of if they will purchase something, but what will they purchase. Following their wedding, they’re once again back in our studio for the experience of their wedding reveal. It’s honestly magic watching them relive their day, and it’s one of the additions to our client experience that we love the most. Following their reveal, we’re choosing the details of their album along with their print package. It’s a complete experience for them from start to finish. Seeing them once again as they pick up their prints and leave the studio beaming like it’s Christmas morning is the cherry on top.

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