November 2020 // The Business Edition

How to Grow Your Business With IPS | Gary & Kim Evans

Part of IPS is having a constant interaction with your averages, cost of goods, and goals. These numbers are so integral to growing your business. That’s been the biggest game changer for us. Knowing our averages and cost of goods and setting goals have allowed us to shift from photographers in business to photographers running a business. Our focus has been on knowing our numbers and our client experience. Each shoot and subsequent sales session contributes to our average sale in each segment of our business. Each average and number of sales in each segment contribute to our year end goal. Knowing where we are every day with our targets, averages, etc. has a direct impact on every other part of our business. It’s the glue that holds it all together. Imagine your average sale for family sessions is falling short. Why? Could it be part of your process that is failing you? These are opportunities for you to revisit and improve. You are getting direct feedback, you just have to put yourself into a position to see it. Once we shifted our mindset, everything else started falling into place to support that. We had a completely new respect and confidence in the experience and products we were providing to our clients. We were also valuing our time and work. We were getting paid appropriately for the expertise and products we were providing. That followed by the clients’ smiles and gratitude felt AMAZING. Seeing your images printed and hanging on your clients’ walls for them to enjoy for years to come gives you all the warm and fuzzy feelings. It’s hard not to feel great after all of that.

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