November 2020 // The Business Edition

What were we thinking? We weren’t helping them at all! We needed to provide that value to our couples and help them appreciate their images and turn them into the artwork that they would see and love each and every day. That’s the value of what we do. It’s creating artwork that will last for years to come. That’s IPS; it’s not selling, it’s providing a service where you as the expert help your clients pick and choose the right product for them and their home. Trust me when I say they will thank you for it! The key thinking behind IPS for us was to increase the average client spend per event, wedding, session, etc. We wanted to work smarter and not harder. Looking at the hard numbers of your business can be scary. I get it. But that’s exactly where you need to start. What is your average client spend per wedding/event and where would you like it to be? What is your cost of goods? What value can you incorporate into your packages to fit within that desired threshold?

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