November 2020 // The Business Edition

How to Grow Your Business With IPS | Gary & Kim Evans

When we considered starting IPS, it was daunting. It is scary to sit in front of your clients and get direct feedback about what they love (and maybe don’t love) about your images, and believe me when I tell you they aren’t afraid to let you know. Do you get butterflies when handing them your price list and walking them through your packages? Yes. Is it intimidating to complete the sale and ask for their credit card? Yes. Starting IPS was a complete mind shift that we had to make. You have to take all those scary feelings, push them deep down and understand by being a full-service photographer that offers IPS, you not only differentiate yourself from your competition, but you really are helping your clients have beautiful artwork in their homes for years to come. We started our transition to IPS by speaking with past wedding couples. What had they done with their wedding photos (images that we loved and worked our butts off for)? The answer was “nothing.” We had almost two years of wedding couples who hadn’t done anything but upload a few images to Facebook or Instagram. Why? We got a variety of answers, but two answers came up time and time again: They didn’t have time. They didn’t know where to get quality albums or prints. So, we hesitantly asked the last question: If you were able to buy prints or albums from us, would that be something you would be interested in? The answer was always YES accompanied by a huge exhale of relief.

We had somehow convinced ourselves we were doing the right thing for our clients and being nice to them by providing them with a download gallery or a USB of full-resolution images with the freedom to choose what they wanted to do with the images. In fact, after talking to them it became glaringly obvious that we were doing the exact opposite. With our existing shoot and burn process we were so careful and thorough with our client experience all the way up to the end (giving them the images). And then, at that point when they trusted us and looked up to us as the experts in our field, we pushed them off a cliff with no parachute. We held back our expertise and access to amazing products, albums and printing and left them to get lost and overwhelmed in the wilds of the internet.

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