November 2020 // The Business Edition

To some, in person sales (IPS) stands for terrifying, scary, I’m not a salesperson, no one will ever buy anything. But for us, IPS stands for life changing, freedom, revenue generation, working smarter, not leaving money on the table, and client care.

Before a life-changing last-minute decision to attend ShutterFest ‘18, we were shooting mostly weddings and pushing to add more weddings to our year. We wanted to make more money—I mean, who doesn’t?—but the only way we could do that was to squeeze in more weddings each year. As many of you know, it’s just not that easy to simply get more weddings. We were shooting and burning (providing digital files only). While chatting to several attendees and presenters at ShutterFest, it became glaringly obvious that we were missing something HUGE. Time after time, conversation after conversation, IPS kept coming up. And we started thinking: Why didn’t we offer it? What would our couples think? Is this something we could change? We were photographers in business and not photographers running a business. Without realizing it, we were coasting along just doing what everyone else in our area was doing.

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