November 2020 // The Business Edition

It also ensures that you connect with prospective customers that are closer to the point of purchasing because they are searching for you. SEO leads trust that you are credible because you are appearing high on the search result listings.


Now I want to be honest with you, SEO factors do change often. However, there are three fundamental elements that have always played an important role in optimizing a website or webpage. Whenever I work with clients, I use these three elements as a framework in order to determine what strategies need to be implemented:

• Compliance Your site must comply with the latest policies, regulations and standards on the web. This establishes trust between you and your online visitors as well as makes it easier for Google to deem your website as a secure and credible source. Having things in place like a security key and a Privacy Policy help ensure that your site is meeting some level of compliance. • Ease Your site needs to make it easy for your visitors to know the next step you would like them to take, but it also needs to be easy for Google to connect the dots and interpret what your website is about. Many business owners now understand how important their website branding and messaging is in order to attract their target audience, but they sometimes forget that Google is a prospective customer as well. Including keywords in your website copy as well as in a few important locations where Google looks for them is important. • User Experience How people engage and interact with your website is extremely important. If your website is slow or difficult to navigate, specifically on mobile, chances are the user experience your website visitors have is hurting you. Google particularly checks the speed of your website and advises that website developers are very mindful of eliminating elements like huge images or a ton of code that tend to slow things down.

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