November 2020 // The Business Edition

HELP THEM PREPARE You got the client on the books. They know when and where to show up. But what’s next? Remember, these clients don’t know anything about your process. Create a planner or a series of emails to go out to them all about prepping for a session. Answer common questions. Should they tan? When will they view their images? What should they bring? What in the world do they do for outfits? Do you offer wardrobe consultations? Keep in mind that outfits are different for different body types; you might need a lot in this section.

Do you include hair and makeup? If so, do they need to do anything special to their hair or face? If not, give them a link to the artists you suggest. Think of all the questions you have ever had from a client leading up to a session and answer every one of them in your planner or email series. I prefer to send out emails leading up to their session. I have about 15 emails with prep ideas, invitations to my Facebook group, and so on. By touching base with them over a period of time, I have cut back on my number of no-show clients. They don’t forget their session because I have reminded them of it over and over again. Helping your client prepare with a ton of information also shows that you are the expert in your field. You know what you are doing. They build trust in you because you have shown them that you have thought of everything they may need to know or do before a session with you.

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