November 2020 // The Business Edition

Side Hustle: Real Estate Photography | Kirk Voclain

Another trick is to deliver the client something beyond expectation. What I will do is drop out the overcast sky and give them something very dramatic. Also, because of the even lighting when it rains, I can make an image look like it was photographed at night. This is something I just slip in, deliver, and never tell them what I’m doing. In south Louisiana, we have a name for this, called “lagniappe.” It means a little something extra at no charge. What’s funny about this is oftentimes the little extras become so popular that I then charge for it later down the road. It’s also a really cool marketing tool that produces add-on sales in the long run. It also makes it hard for someone to come in and compete with you.

Exposure: f11 @ 1/20 ISO 100 Lens: EF14mm f2.8L II USM

A few of the add-ons that I offer to boost sales are videos, Matterport, business headshots, high-resolution files, gift cards, and albums.

I hope this article helps you in your real estate photography career.

Kirk Voclain married his lovely wife Tammy and opened Kirk Voclain Photography in 1987. He then quickly grew into the area’s most creative and innovative photographer, receiving countless awards including Photographer of the Year, Best of Show, Best CPP entry, and numerous Fuji Masterpiece Awards. He has also received numerous blue ribbons and distinguished print honors. He has had several photographs accepted into the Disney World Kodak EPCOT exhibit and has had work published in PPA Affiliate magazines and Professional Photographer magazine. He received his Certified Professional Photographer status in 1990, his Master’s Degree from the PPA in 1994, and his Craftsman’s Degree in 1995. Two weeks after his Master’s Degree, he received his greatest award to-date, his daughter Scarlett. website: instagram: @kirkvoclain

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